What if your employees held the key to great sustainability improvements in your company?

Engage to Act – Consulting services for companies to achieve real sustainability results
through the power of their employees

Start or step up your sustainability initiatives

Bringing sustainable thinking into everyday working

Real results for measurable impact

Collectively making a difference



Let’s start by looking into the current situation of your company, its culture and actions. With appropriate tools we deliver our analysis and personalized best practice recommendations.


Based on the insights received by a thorough assessment, we set up a strategy tailored to your needs and goals, set progress tracking measurements and involve the key stakeholders.


 Engage to Act can put into practice the actions set in the strategy, accompany you further to run pilot projects, communication plans, workshops, events or other specific actions that will have the most impact to achieve your goals.


Increase employee engagement through training and raising awareness on sustainability topics and existing solutions, from the basics to company-specific concerns


Generate ideas, uncover high-potential opportunities, create actions plans and study groups as outcomes of well-designed and carried-through workshops

Engage to Act aims to contribute to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda, seven in particular, and help companies link their strategy to these goals with concrete outcomes and impact.


Our mission includes achieving real results and having impact. See some statements of previous customers:

Carole made it so easy for us, gave us a frame for the awareness campaign event, involved important stakeholders from the leadership team, prepared templates for communication, organized the workshops and content / technical solutions. There has been a huge impact. The number of Green Team members increased and a long list of valuable ideas has been collected and many of them are already implemented. The results are visible and lasting.

– Digital Governance Manager, Commercial site for pharmaceutical distribution, Germany

Thanks to Carole, we were able to promote ecological activities on-site and increase the visibility of our actions globally. She facilitated the creation our Green Team that continues to date. Thanks to her inspiration and consistent follow-up, we were able to greatly reduce the consumption of resources. She was the trigger that made us implement projects including blister recycling and re-using of large raw material containers, adding up to over 250 tons of waste saved per year just on our site.

– Environmental & Sustainable Development Manager, Global Pharmaceutical production site, Poland

The workshop that Carole organized on our site was a very good exercise with positive outcome. It generated an important list of actions that we started to implement. It was very powerful to bring people together from different functions and roles around a shared goal and it uncovered high impact opportunities that we still can use to date. One of the outcomes was a process step optimization that now saves up to 2,9 million liters of water per year on our manufacturing site. 

– Head of Health, Safety and Environment, Manufacturing plant for aseptics pharmaceuticals, Spain


 Carole Schanté is an expert in employee engagement for environmental sustainability.  She has experience working in the pharmaceutical industry in different settings, sites and countries. Starting with a doctorate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and 4 years working in Pharmaceutical Development, she shifted her career towards her passion for environmental sustainability and uses her experience working in R&D labs and production sites to have a true impact.

Customer-focused and results-oriented, she also walks the talk and is engaged not only in her work but in her community and at home by applying and sharing the Zero Waste lifestyle. She is a member of Impact Hub Basel and is surrounded by a network of sustainability experts. 

Her mission is to enable real sustainability results and actions in companies that greatly reduce their environmental footprint and uncover solutions for a bright future. How? By engaging and mobilizing all employees, their expertise, their knowledge and desire to act.


Engage to Act

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