This is it, I’m creating Engage to Act and starting as a freelance consultant on the topic that is the closest to my heart and fits best my expertise: employee engagement in environmental sustainability.

I truly believe there is huge potential for employees to be part of the positive change that we want to see in the world. There is a still a hidden treasure-trove of opportunities within each company’s workforce to uncover solutions, make improvements and act collectively to address the pressing issues that our environment is facing.

Through consultancy, I enable more companies to be part of the solution in the current environmental times. I help leverage the knowledge, expertise and desire to act of the workforce to identify and implement impactful changes. Significant water consumption reduction, decrease of waste, innovative ways to optimize processes to re-use materials and save energy are some tangible outcomes. Less tangible outcomes include creating a sustainability mindset and habits or enabling individuals to enhance their sense of purpose and wellbeing at work, leading to employee satisfaction and retention.

I’ve learned and practiced with experts in the field, especially WeSpire, leaders in employee engagement strategy and behavior-based programs designed from research results. After having applied engagement and communication methods in multiple countries, cultures and settings, I bring the experience to assess the situation, see what the needs are and set up strategies to engage employees and make an impact for environmental sustainability.

Key aspects to employee engagements are understanding how a company functions, what it wants to achieve, finding out what it’s employees really care about and knowing how to listen. From these elements, the best solutions are defined and implemented. My experience in the pharmaceutical industry gave me the insight and knowledge to identify barriers and opportunities in various processes, labs, manufacturing sites that can greatly improve your strategy.

Through facilitating and mentoring individuals and teams from different sites, I’ve witnessed the potential that employees can have, the passion that is waiting to be put into action, and real results achieved. This could sometimes be done simply by giving a voice, making connections or sharing examples of actions to take. Other times, a more complete engagement strategy is needed.

By awakening and enabling the hidden potential of employees in companies, we can have an impact on environmental sustainability. I believe in the power of each individual to make a difference. This work is my passion and I look forward to sharing its benefits with you.